How Mobile Optimization Can Improve Your Website Conversions?

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  • 07-08-2019
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mobile optimization for website
A Website Without Conversions is Similar to a Story that Doesn’t Evoke any Feeling

Is your website lagging behind conversions? Is your website failing to appeal to its audiences?
If you are facing the same issues, have you ever thought of what could be the possible reason behind this? There could be n number of reasons, your visitors are not converting into leads. But, the most important question to ask yourself is, is my website optimized for mobile devices? You would probably get the answer.
The world has noticed a significant shift in marketing methods since the digital era began. With the increase in the usage of smartphones, mobiles have become the primary source to execute research on products and services to know about the company.  Around 57% of web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Moreover, people spend most of their time on social media and other platforms using smartphones, which accounts for 79%.
So, if you are not using mobile-optimized websites, you are probably missing out on 57% of your potential customers. Moreover, Google also considers your website’s mobile optimization capability on desktop and mobile. Google has rolled out the mobile first indexing where the mobile version of the website pages will be used for indexing and ranking purposes in Google.
Mobile Vs. Desktop Traffic

Has mobile optimization affected the website?
Yes, it has affected the websites in a much positive way. In 2017, smartphones contributed 55% of the Google search. Moreover, the mobile search query volume is going to reach 141.9 Billion searches by 2019 in the US. The stats and facts clearly indicate a surge in mobile internet access, which makes it essential for business owners to make mobile-optimized websites.
Hallmark Features to Enhance Your Conversion Rate

Don’t test my patience!
Your page load speed plays an important factor when it comes to maximizing your website conversions. Don’t let your users wait for too long that they would start abandoning your page which would affect your conversions and engagement adversely. The first golden rule to improve your website conversion is to speed up your page. Nearly 40% of people tend to abandon websites that take longer than 10 seconds to load.
The render start time is counted upon an important area as it is used to speed up your website’s content display. Websites with better render start time stand 50% chance to improve engagement and mobile conversions.
What can be done to ensure website speed?
- Use a mobile-optimized theme or design
- Follow Google guidelines to improve website speed
- Consider your approach when you enter your URL into Google’s mobile page speed checker
- Use optimized images
- Use a content delivery network
A functional design separates it from art
When it comes to your website design, try putting your best foot forward as the first impression is the last impression. Your website design also contributes greatly in improving your website conversions. According to research by Google, people consider a website’s design and form an impression in less than a second.
Apart from this, a great design is a way to people’s hearts; they trust you and stick to your website, but, a bad design would surely turn them off. Well, it is essential that your website design should be functional enough that people find the information on your website simple and easy to comprehend. This enhances the usability of the website and improves conversion as the message is communicated clearly.
What you can do to improve your website design?
- A mobile-optimized design is an absolute yes!
- Make sure that your users get the right information which could be attained when you pay attention to the user flow
- Try making mobile-friendly marketing campaigns
A mobile-optimized campaign is equally important to a mobile-optimized website. For instance, if your campaign is not that attractive and is ruining the user experience, your users would not take a minute to abandon your website. So, make sure you have a mobile-optimized campaign along with a mobile-optimized website.
Pictures tell your story better
Get the most out of your images. When it comes to good content, images form one of the core requirements of the users. Time and again, images have proven to get better attention from the users. According to Jeff Bullas, content with images were found to have 94% more views than the content without images.
Apart from this, make sure that you choose images that are relevant to your content. Also, include search optimized captions and metadata to improve website visibility. Good images psychologically assure your visitors that they will get what appears on the screen which builds trust and helps improve website conversion.
Consider the following points to form an interactive image system:
- Use authentic images of people as they are hard to find
- Use high-quality images and let your visitors feel your emotions
- Use high resolution and three-dimensional product images and let your users know what they are buying
Note- Make sure that the image size is not too large that it may affect the loading speed of the image. However, you can compress and resize the image so that it can load quickly and lessen the time your website takes to load.
Hey! I can figure out what’s next
Enhance the usability of your website by implementing autocomplete. It helps users to figure out what they want, which contributes to enhanced functionality and improved rate of conversion.
Autocomplete helps to decrease the amount of time the user takes to search the specific product. As the user tends to search, he gets to see the varied options he may quickly select one out of the available options.
For instance, if you are using WooCommerce or Shopify, you can use Wordpress Plugins or Shopify to implement search autocomplete quickly. Apart from this, you can use onsite filtering tools as used in E-commerce websites like Amazon. Stick to the golden rule of relevance when it comes to implementing such tools as it helps in selecting the best out of relevant items.
Make Google love you after everyone has started loving you first
SEO is the new age marketing tactic, and Google has also turned to mobile-first index where you need to optimize your website to fit in the requirements of mobile users. It makes it essential to look after mobile SEO.
Work on the visibility so that your content appears in the search results which would help your users to find you easily. This will surely help you boost your conversion rate. You may use online tools to improve your website’s search presence, such as Google’s mobile testing tool to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.
Work on improving your content for lead generation and better conversion. Here’s what you can do:
- Optimize your pages titles and descriptions
- Include relevant keywords in your content that people are looking for online
- Attract high-quality links for which you can opt to link internally and externally to authoritative websites
Why don’t you take prompt action?
I hope you have got an idea of what is being talked over here. You may have implemented all the tools and tricks to optimize your website, but it is incomplete without implementing a compelling call to action as you tend to direct your users what to do next. This drives your user to take action which ultimately boosts conversions.
What call to action does?
- Communicates the advantages of taking a specific action
- Inspire conversion with the usage of compelling words
- Delivers what promised
Final Words
Get in Good Shape!
Yes, this is true, try to fit in the requirements of your users and get your website mobile optimized, which includes responsive design. Consider the above-mentioned points to optimize your mobile website and contribute to great user experience as it goes a long way.

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