Know The Negative Aspects That Affect The User Experience of A Website

  • By Kristen Smith
  • 18-08-2018
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Website designing is a nuanced process and takes a lot of effort and time. If the site is built keeping the experience of users in mind then obviously the final site will be a success, but if the online application doesn't emote to establish a human connection with the individual visitors, then it will fail to make the necessary impact.
The factors which are generally overlooked while formatting the online application 
Thinking deeply about website construction or making the subject matter expressive and interesting for the online visitors might seem like the best way to approach the user experience aspect of website designing but, in many cases, simple things are overlooked that tarnishes the overall utility and impact of the website. These are apparently small glitches that make a huge change in user experience.
Simplification is the key towards success and even in the department of web designing following some simple tenets will enable designers to provide a better user experience. The particular areas which should be evaluated while designing a website include the following:
Loading time needed for the site
In the fast-paced world of the internet, anything that is slow is not welcomed by the community of internet users. When a person clicks on a website, then it ought to load quickly. The loading time taken is the first experience of the user with that particular website. If this very first experience is negative due to delayed loading, then the chances are that the person will navigate away from that website. The loading time is, therefore, a key issue which if not fast will impact the traffic to a site greatly. Even if that website has highly engaging content that is completely suited for providing the best user experience then also it won’t do any good because the user has always clicked the back button after waiting for several seconds. Thus, this primary thing needs to be fixed, and the website should be loaded as fast as possible so that the user gets a chance to explore the site and its features. 
Internal links should be opened inside the website
Internal links are common in any website, but the function of the internal link and its opening site are of importance. When the website is designed a chief factor should be kept in mind, and that is the user should get the maximum control. For example, the user should be able to move forward and backward on the website freely but if the links in the website open in another new page then when the user wishes to go back he/she will hit the back button on that page by default but he/she won’t be able to go back to the previous page. This apparently minor issue creates a huge rift among internet users and the website. When a user sees that multiple pages are opened by clicking on the links on the website and the control of hitting the back button is not available than in most instances the visitor won't return to that website, and this greatly reflects the of user experience strategy.
Filling the home page of the website with promotional content
It is obviously necessary to add promotional advertisement on the website as it will capture the attention of the visitor. But when the whole page is filled with nothing but promotions, then the original value of the website is lost, and it will become a site that will be readily ignored by online visitors. This should be known that most online visitors bypass the banners present online and websites that are loaded with such banners will definitely not be the best place for any online visitor. Hence the banner count should be kept as low as possible.
Automatic video play with sound effects
Videos are often present in a website which can be clicked and viewed by users. This attribute is often used by web designers to make the featured content more appealing, but the use of video content should be measured, and its application should hinder user experience in any manner whatsoever. If videos start playing as soon as a person clicks on the website, then it might not go well with most users. As mentioned earlier online visitors prefer to have control when visiting sites and the sudden starting of a video without clicking on it is not considered good in terms of user experience. If the videos are vital for the website content, then it is better to add muted videos and allow the visitor to turn on the sound if he/she wants to see the video in detail.
Modest use of beautifying elements
Web developers often wish to create something that is truly eye-catching while designing a website. It is true that a website has to be attention-grabbing and attractive, but a splash of bright colors won't create the desired effect. If the website contrast settings are not correct or if the background is deterring the readability of the content then the apparent garb of beauty won’t serve any purpose. A user might visit such websites but won’t return to it. Hence ensuring the quality of the effects applied is important and also it is vital to see whether the content after all the applications is clearly understandable and readable.
Flashing or blinking elements
Even though things that blink or flash look beautiful as far as decoration lights are concerned but using that same principle in website content is not a good idea. Firstly it disturbs the vision of an online visitor and can create further complications. People also immediately navigate away from sites that consist of flashing content. Hence even though the flashing aspect might sound cool yet it is best not to use these applications as they create visual uneasiness for a user.
Therefore, there are many simple things which can be corrected or developed appropriately to enable sound user experience and web designers should consider the aspects mentioned above while drafting the website.

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