Provide Accurate Insights To Your Site With The Latest Web Design Trends

  • By Lauren Mclaren
  • 11-03-2019
  • Web Design
web design trends
In the past few years, the internet has gone with great changes. From the dominance of mobile devices to the introduction of AR, VR, AI and many other mixtures of the alphabet found leading the world. But, the interesting fact is that, with the changing technologies, web design trends also make achievements for the accessible and visually appealing to the user.
Traditionally, web designs were created for vivid illustrations, bold colour schemes and asymmetrical layouts. But, with technology development, websites are going to based on aesthetics and technology. Means with the smarter look, these websites will be capable of understanding machine learning.
Here, we have some tips for accurate insight into your site with the latest web design trends:
- Web Accessibility
Website accessibility is an important segment for consideration while creating a website. To explain more, let’s go back to reality for a second. You have created a great product. But do your potential clients, especially those who have some sorts of health problems, know about this? For example, promoting a landing page with green text on a red background may work well when it is considered by only a few people. But, it will be a bad experience if some of your visitors are colour blind. Therefore, improving the web accessibility of a landing page expands the possibilities for people to visit it with different restrictions. This ultimately increases the conversion rate and make the product more accessible to a wider audience.
- Minimalism
Your website’s landing speed is the key to quickly transfer your web information to your users. So, you must create and optimize your web design, to keep the loading time low. But, how to achieve this with web design? Adhering to minimalism as less is always better in principle. Therefore, using a simple layout with unique details, for example, small sketches, short animations or strokes of bright colours always help. It benefits you for experimenting with the new trends and help your proposal to rise to the top by emphasizing the brand personality.
- Geometric Shapes
Usually, people get easily bored from the mare texts and images on the website. This is one also one of the main cause for the high bounce rate. Therefore, today’s web designers found a great solution to this problem and add Triangles, squares, hexagons to make the site more attractive. On the same side, Illustrations, fonts, and forms also play an important role in making a user-friendly and interactive website. Images and other designing aspects can convey the message more effectively with minimum use of texts.
In addition, the more appealing and interesting websites have high customer engagement and lead generation rate.
- Blockchain Technology
The use of blockchain technology become the need for these days. Because blockchain offers a safe and secure mode for online transactions by eliminating the intermediaries. So, if you have an e-commerce website where you deal with financial transaction then use of blockchain is crucial for you. As this innovative technology store the customer’s data in different locations and keep it safe with the help of algorithms. In the upcoming years, this technology is expected to bring radical changes in the web industry as Bitcoin is the best example in this context for these days.
- Typography
It is true images and animations can make the website more attractive and effective, but, on the same side, we cannot ignore the impact of typography. But it is up to the website requires whether it need animated typography, changing fonts, or dynamic text. Remember, it gives a great feeling when you hover over the word and the letters begin to move from this touch. Secondly, this is a great way to present your brand to site visitors. So, it is the best way to add users to your landing page.
- AI and Machine Learning
These days, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two hot buzzwords. Most of the people seem to use them as interchangeable. In websites, the combination of both in the form of chatbots works as a great wonder for the successful web results. Globally speaking big brands such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are investing a high amount in both technologies.
Bottom Line
To stay one step ahead of competitors, it is important to focus on trends, methods and approaches that are just gaining popularity worldwide. Therefore, remember website design is the first thing that connects a client with your product or service and help to increase the conversion rate. So. with the above-mentioned upcoming trends make your website more attractive and engaging.

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