20 Blogging WordPress Themes to Be Noticeable With Your Blog

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Have you ever dreamed about your personal or company’s blog? Whether it is a corporation’s blog, or just for personal purposes, blogging can give you a lot of benefits. Blogging is a profitable type of work (or hobby even) that allows you to present yourself, your individual thoughts, stories, services, products, whatever to the audience. In fact, it is a powerful tool in your hands that can help every individual or entrepreneur to stand out in his own niche.
There are a lot of successful bloggers in the web space who are even listed in Forbes. Their profit and popularity are over the sky right now but, sure thing, there was a start of all of them. It takes time to promote your personality, to find your audience and to capture it, to fill in your own blog with a five-star content, etc. Therefore, if you think that blogging is easy to handle, then, I’m afraid, you would be wrong. However, soon or late, you’ll achieve your goal and will feel all the pros of blogging.
As an example, we would like to highlight Ewdison Then and his minimalist blog that already captured lots of people. Ewdison Then carries a tech blog that gives him a solid profit every month. Working mostly on a PPC basis, Ewdison earns about $80,000 per month. These numbers don’t include other projects he has!
Which CMS is The Best For Blogging?
Among numbers of content management systems we would like to highlight a WordPress as the best platform to build your blog on. It has an intuitive installation process and easy-in-use documentation. In addition, you don’t have to be a programmer or web developer to enjoy a full functionality of this or that WordPress theme.
In fact, there are a lot of providers of pre-made solutions that can help you to launch a blog. However, in this article, we would like to emphasize TemplateMonster and its 24/7 customer support. TemplateMonster has a super wide range of WordPress themes that will fit every purpose. Sure thing, you can find a lot of WordPress themes for coaches there that allow you to build a qualitative and catchy blog.
Now, let’s check a showcase of top 20 blogging WordPress themes that will emphasize your creative nature.

Wapuula - Corporate WordPress Theme

corporate wordpress theme
Developed by the team of top professionals, Wapuula combines sleek design and advanced functionality, which will help you to build a memorable corporate blog. The intuitive installation process, easy customization, a wide range of social networks, and many other benefits are here in one single WordPress theme. Give it a try and you’ll see that Wapuula is the best solution for your corporate blog.

Opus Fashion - Blog WordPress Theme

opus fashion - multi-purpose blog wordpress theme
Opus Fashion is a minimalist WordPress theme that was created to make your fashion blog even more stylish. Opus is fully SEO ready, thus, it will be much easier to get higher SEO rankings. Therefore, this modern WordPress theme will be a perfect solution for your fashion-related blog.

Green Energy Company WordPress Theme

solar - alternative energy company wordpress theme
Alternative energy is getting popular these days. In fact, if you handle such a company and would like to create a corporate blog to highlight your services, to share some thoughts with the audience, etc, take a look at this Green Energy WordPress theme. Clean and modern design, up-to-date functionality, and number of awesome features allow you to stand out with your solar power blog.

Book Authors WordPress Theme

nf book worm - fullscreen book authors wordpress theme
NF Book Worm is a perfect WordPress theme for authors and publishers who would like to showcase their works to the whole web space. Sleek design, attention to the details, and high functionality will help you to build a catchy author’s blog. Check NF Book Worm to get to know how perfect it is for every author and publisher.

GoodHood - Stylish WooCommerce Theme

goodhood - fashion woocommerce theme
Fashion industry is really popular nowadays, as well as blogging. Why not combine these two? GoodHood is a bright and snazzy WordPress theme that was crafted with care to meet your fashion expectations. In addition, you can easily combine an elegant online store and enjoyable blog with GoodHood.

Unisco - Education WordPress Theme

unisco - education, school, college and university wordpress theme
Education is a must-have tool for every person who’d like to build his career. In addition, many of us looking for some classes, schools, colleges, and universities on the Internet. Well, if you own an educational center, this elegant WordPress theme is definitely your choice! A multilingual support, an installation Wizard, a Visual Composer, and many others great tools are your while carrying Unisco - premium education WordPress theme.

Creative Film Studio WordPress Theme

movie studio wordpress theme
Pixate is a simply stunning movie studio WordPress theme that allows you to showcase your talent to the whole world. Multiple layout, painless customization process, and dynamic pages allow you to manage Pixate the way you like. This modern WordPress theme gives you a full freedom while making your perfect movies-related blog.

Corporate WordPress Theme

perfect corporate wordpress theme
This one & multi page WordPress theme is perfect for personal portfolio, blog, agency, whatever. Modern functionality and clean design allow you to build a site that will emphasize your services, skills, products, etc. Check this perfect corporate WordPress theme with a number of features inside.

Olins - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

olins multi niche wordpress theme
Either you are a photographer, business owner, or a freelancer, Olins is just what you need. This multi-niche WordPress theme perfectly fits any type of business. An advanced functionality allows you to showcase your services, skills, products, whatever in the best light. Olins is a pro tool for every entrepreneur.

Photographer WordPress Theme

photography wordpress theme
This minimalist photography WordPress theme is perfect for those who are addicted to style, photo, modeling, etc. It is a modern and creative solution for photography industry that will help you to stand out with your website. Feel free to create a blog or a personal portfolio to tell the whole world about your imaginative figure.

Travel Blog WordPress Theme

eightydays - travel blog wordpress theme
Do you travel a lot and would like to share your experience and breathtaking stories with the audience? Take a look at this travel blog WordPress theme that will emphasize and spread your stories all over the web. Your travel blog will perfectly work on every modern device thanks to its responsiveness, while social options will help you to become famous on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Biofuel Company WordPress Theme

alternative energy company wordpress theme
This fast and well-done WordPress theme will make your alternative energy company the best in the niche. A clean and minimalist design allows you to emphasize the purpose of your biz, while a modern-day functionality will help you to improve your site. In fact, Organixine is a user-friendly WordPress theme with lots of benefits for your business.

Max Shop - Awesome WooCommerce Theme

max shop - woocommerce theme
Max Shop is a premium WooCommerce theme that was created just for online shops. A catchy design of this premium theme will help you to impress your customers with various layouts, visual effects, shapes, and forms. However, it is not only about the design, it is also a high-functional Woocommerce theme that allows you to build a top online store.

Bank WordPress Theme

bank wordpress theme
If you are a bank owner and would like to spice it up with an up-to-date website than Bankorama is your choice. This professional WordPress theme comes with all the necessary functionality that will make your bank’s website easy-in-use and high-productive at the same time. In addition, thanks to a sleek design and great features that are pre-loaded with this theme your audience will grow day by day.

Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

wordpress fashion blog theme
Fusion is a great WordPress theme for those who’d like to create a fashion-related blog. Its awesome design will help you to emphasize your individual nature and your fashion news in general. Additionally, to work with this theme you don’t need any programming or coding skill, which will save you a bunch of nerves and resources. Check the demo and you’ll see that Fusion will meet all your expectations.

Hayes - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

hayes - travel blog wordpress theme
Hayes is a stylish and easy-to-understand WordPress theme with a number of features and a potential to make your travel blog one of the best on the web space. You can create a classic gallery to highlight the best stories, places you’ve been to, and photos in general. Hayes is something must-have to make your blogging career long and successful.

Personal Blog WordPress Theme

handmade artist personal blog wordpress theme
CraftBird is a warm-colored WordPress theme with a sleek design that will capture your audience at a glance. It can be your personal blog where you’ll share some hot news and interesting stories with your reader. On the other hand, it can be an online store as well because it is Ecwid Ready. Therefore, you are very welcome to handle a personal blog and promote your services or products all over the web. Using this modern WordPress theme you can easily kill two birds with one stone.

Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

women blog wp theme
Laura is a stylish blog WordPress theme that will help every woman to launch her own fashion blog. A catchy interface, which is easy-customizable, so, feel free to impress your readers with a classic design of your blog. Therefore, if you’d like to spread a word about your creative figure, this fashion blog WordPress theme is exactly what you need.

Food Blog WordPress Theme

narya - food blog for cooks wordpress theme
Narya is a food-related blog WordPress theme with bright colors and stunning functionality. Feel free to share your recipes and mouthwatering news from the world of exquisite dishes with your readers. In addition, 6 blog post types allow you to separate the posts up to their subjects. Thus, readers can easily find a necessary info in the blink of an eye.

Audrey - Blog WordPress Theme

audrey wordpress theme
Audrey is a blog WordPress theme with a soft design and calm color palette. An easy-to-understand documentation will help you to install the theme in a matter of a few clicks. Simply saying, Audrey is a wonderful blog WordPress theme to start your blogging career.
To Sum Up
Blogging is really popular these days whether it is a fashion, traveling, or photography. A corporate or a personal blog allows promoting your services, skills, products, whatever all over the web. Moreover, as for us, it is really enjoyable to handle your own blog, to get in touch with the readers, and simply, to share your thoughts and stories with the audience.

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