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  • By James Burns
  • 04-07-2019
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Web technologies are moving fastly such that it’s creating difficulty for businesses and web developers to keep up the pace. New web development tools pop up every year, where most of the tools are for front-end web development.
Front-End web technologies have grown a lot in the past few years. Eventually, businesses are focusing more on front-end development to enhance user interaction, site interactivity, efficiency, and look & feel.
We have deeply analyzed and researched tons of data on front-end web development tools of each and every major web development company in USA.
Below are our shortlisted best front-end development tools for web developers;
Vue.js Front-end Development Tool
It’s a JavaScript library released in 2013 to build web interfaces. Also, when combined with some other tools, it becomes a front-end development framework. At present, it has 130549 Github stars and is leading many other top front-end development tools.
In the last 4-5 years, the progress of this front end technology has grown continuously. It is fresh and has been learning from the successes and mistakes of React & Angular.
Vue is lightweight & easy to learn; therefore, web developers prefer it as an excellent solution to their web development problems.
Angular Front-end Development Tool
Angular is a product of Google who with its rapid release in versions is a much improved and established name in the web development industry.
Its latest version, Angular 8 was launched in May 2019. Till now it has 59426 stars on Github, a large developer community and one of the best front-end web development technologies.
Chrome Developer Tools
It is one of the best front-end development tools when it comes to hands-on debugging. You will run into many issues while building a new feature, adding new pages or fixing issues.
The Chrome Developer Tools are a set of debugging tools that comes in Chrome. These tools let you do development testing in the browser, saving tons of development time.
If you use the ‘Device mode,’ you test how responsive the website is? In ‘Sources panel,’ you debug your JavaScript by using breakpoints. Also, the ‘Timeline’ feature of this front-end development tool helps you in identifying run-time performance issues.
Npm front-end Development Tool
Npm is a Node package manager for JavaScript that helps in discovering packages of the reusable code and powerfully assemble them. This is a widely used technology among front-end web development technologies.
NPM has 15448 stars on GitHub and has many worthy features like ‘Discover and reuse’ over 470,000 free code packages available in the Registry. A few other features of NPM;
- Encourage code discovery
- Publish and control the access to a namespace
- Manages the public and private codes using the same workflow
Tensorflow: One More From Google
The TensorFlow, front-end development tool, is Google Brain’s second-generation system. While the reference implementation runs on various single devices, TensorFlow also runs on multiple CPUs and GPUs as it is flexible.
TensorFlow is available on a 64-bit Linux, Windows, macOS, and mobile computing platforms such as Android and iOS. Moreover, Tensorflow is also used in machine learning development technologies.
Grunt Front-end Web Development Technology
When it comes to task automation, the Grunt is best. Being a JavaScript task runner, it offers bundled plugins for everyday tasks, remains extensible and gives you the option to write various kinds of tasks as per your need.
The best thing is you can combine several tasks together and create more powerful ones as it is beyond merely automating front-end related tasks. It has 11730 stars till date at Github.
Sometimes we need a tool to write maintainable and future-proof codes while reducing the amount of CSS. Sass front-end web development tool is a nine-year-old open-source project that defined the modern genre of CSS preprocessors.
Though it is little tricky to get grips initially, Sass is a combination of variables, nestings, and mixins to render simple CSS on a compilation, meaning your stylesheets are readable.
Backbone.js, A True backbone For Any Front-end Web Development Project
Backbone.js gives structure for web applications by offering models with the key-value binding and custom events. It allows developers to develop one-page applications while using a simple library to separate business and user interface logic.
This front-end web development tool makes the code simple, organized, and systematic and acts as a backbone for every project. Also, manages the data model and allow developers to create client-side mobile applications or web applications.
Grid Guide Front-end Development Technology
Grid guide let you create pixel-perfect grids within designs. As it is a simple tool, it unlocks very valuable workflows, adds guides based on the canvas, selected layers and artboards.
Jasmine Front-end Development
Jasmine is a behavior-driven JS to test JavaScript codes. It never depends upon any other JavaScript frameworks, and this open-source tool does not require a DOM.
It is a Low overhead with no external dependencies and comes out of the box upon the need to test code. It runs browser tests and Node.js tests using the same front-end web development framework.
The popularity of front-end web development tools has also increased the web developer jobs among the companies providing web development services in USA.
The changes in web techs suffice your requirements and if you have more suggestions then feel free to comment below, mention which front-end web development tool did you like most.

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