Creating The Perfect Landing Page - Infographic

  • By Jamie FitzHenry
  • 03-08-2018
  • Web Development
landing page
Creating the perfect landing page is a very precise skill and one that can have many great benefits. Every single detail of a landing page will have an affect on the success rate of the page. Ultimately, landing pages should not only capture the users’ attention but also engage them to fulfill an action.
The stats are clear here; over 45% of marketers create a new landing page for every marketing campaign and nearly 50% of landing pages often feature multiple offers. Using the right tools will help greatly in creating the perfect landing page. Integrated landing page software can help streamline the overall design process. The importance of high quality images can also not be ignored. Contrast colours to draw attention to your call to actions and avoid visual clutter where you can to achieve the best results.
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Jamie FitzHenry

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