The Future Of Web Development Trends To Look Out For In 2020

  • By James Burns
  • 19-07-2019
  • Web Development
web development trends
Predicting trends is always a difficult task as forecasting future based on the past decade sometimes never pans out.
Today, more than 50% of the world’s population is on the internet, and 1.92 billion people daily visit e-commerce site with high hopes to purchase something.
Over 4+ million blog posts are published, and around five billion Google searches are done daily. This shows how websites took over the internet on storms. All thanks to mobile which brought the internet on everyone's hand.
At the start of 2019, approximately 1.95 billion websites were present on the internet, and I think this ratio by the end of 2020 will clear 2 billion. Moreover, this internet stat will grow with each year.
It means the website development industry expands more rapidly in the future. Also, the new web development companies in USA pops out and transforms the best practices website designing and development.
Thus, in this article, I am going to put some light over the future of web development trends that happens in 2020.
If you’re a web entrepreneur or tech business owner looking for the ways to improve your web presence, then below trends can be very useful for the development of websites.
Artificial Intelligence
No, it’s not about the Skynet or iRobot, but it's just about the proactive way of response from the computers to their environment. There ware many web-based software applications which observer and optimize their performance.
In gaming, AI systems learn the techniques of gamers and changes it to suit their behavior. Also, AI on websites quickly detects fraud, bots, hacking, and cybersecurity threats.
Therefore, AI and ML (machine learning) are going to be the greatest ource of providing security to online visitors on AI-powered sites.
Internet of Things
Like AI, IoT sometimes looks out of the world concept to many people. It is the most significant trend in the future of web development. Bringing connectivity among all machines, systems, applications, etc. is the sole purpose of IoT.
Several intelligent devices in the social networking industry, healthcare automation industry, etc. are the physical results of IoT networks and connections.
Similarly, cloud-connected devices, cars, biometrics, virtual assistants, etc. are some examples that link directly to the website development cycle. Therefore, IoT is one crucial web development trend in 2020 that become mainstream in the following decade.
Rise In Python
The languages, program codes, are behind the software which we run today. Several software that are generations old has more attachment to Python as compared to any other language.
With flexible, resilient, scalable, and quickly adaptive features, the Python language has become an international language of web development.
Facebook, NASA, Google, Youtube all use Python extensively. Python is going interstellar and become the number one language of web development.
Self-building Websites
In previous years, every custom software development company used HTML to make websites. Later, as the web development industry evolved, WordPress, Drupal, etc. such CMSs came into existence which with the customization automatically create websites.
Also, as the more technologically skilled developers evolved more focus was put on customization via plugins, modules, and add-ons. Therefore, I see it as an opportunity to create websites not only from no-tech persons but is possible from anyone.
There can be a substantial economic consequence where your digital presence is valuable, and your identity is self-evident. Thus, settle your system and identify these future web development trends as they will be soon visible to our eyes in the coming decade.
Advance Security
Website development has undoubtedly made progress in securing our computers, Internet-connected devices, and loT. But, with the growing cyber tech space, there is an alarming rate of increase in cyber threats like malware, ransomware, and many more.
However, in coming years, we would see a system inbuilt in our websites that hunts for such threats and creates a safe environment around your internet browsing. Gamification is one such technique that requires probably cybersecurity development within the web development industry.
Whatever happens, the next 10 years will see some fantastic web development technologies that take website business to the next level from the start of 2020.

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