Top 5 NodeJs Frameworks That Will Dominate in 2020

  • By Ranjeet Kumar
  • 16-01-2020
  • Web Development
top 5 nodejs framewoks that will dominate in 2020
The Node.js framework can be best described as a combination of tools, libraries, helpers and other components that makes it possible to create and use web applications in a simple and uncomplicated way. The node.js framework helps to build the basic layer that is necessary for developing the web app. The architecture and the various features of Node.js frameworks that offer better flexibility, chances of customization, security and compatibility with the other libraries are what make them so vital in the sphere of smart applications development.
When you are looking to hire Node JS experts, one of the things that you must determine at the outset is the specific type of Node Js framework that you want the developers to work with. Here are some of the most powerful Node Js frameworks that are strongly recommended by experienced and successful Node Js developers.
Meteor is a very simple and comprehensive Node.js framework with full stack features. It is the perfect choice for you when you want to create web and mobile applications. Meteor is perfectly compatible with Android, web iOS and desktop. With the help of Meteor, it is possible to really simplify the process of developing applications. It provides a platform that can be used for the whole tier of an application so that it can be developed in JavaScript.
Meteor.js can handle large scale projects with ease and it can also work well for different kinds of open source ecommerce websites. The packages and libraries that come with Meteor.js are regarded to be some of the best in the industry. It also provides with stellar debugging tools and testing components. With Meteor.js, developers can benefit from consistent and precise client-server communications.
The Node JS experts in India simply love to work with Express.JS because it is a simple, easy to learn, fast and super flexible framework which operates on the Model View Controller model. It comes with a cool set of features which makes it possible for developers to create mobile and web applications. The superior API that comes with Express.JS allows developers to configure different routes for sending and receiving between front end and the database that functions as HTTP server framework. Express.JS is equipped with superior content negotiation features and numerous template engines. The developers love working with Express.JS since it ensures quick application development and a great open source developer community.
Koa.js is a cutting edge web framework that was developed to generate high end results. It makes use of ES2017 async functions. The Koa.js framework works as a highly expressive and robust foundation which can help in creating powerful APIs and web applications. The unique thing about Koa is that it does not perform any bundling for middleware within core. This means that the middleware components are generally more streamlined with Koa. Moreover, each and every line of coding is also very granular, precise and elegant. Therefore the developers working with them can structure the numerous components within the app rather easily.
The Loopback.js is a very popular and widely used node.js framework which is equipped with a powerful API explorer and a user friendly CLI. This dynamic node.js framework can also help you to come up with models based on the schema you are working with. Loopback.js is also perfectly compatible with numerous databases and REST services. Some of the databases that can work well with Loopback.js include Oracle, MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB. With Loopback.js, you can also come up with a server API which can map to some other server. Loopback completely supports different types of native mobile SDKs and browser SDKs to meet the requirements of various clients such as iOS, Android/Java as well as Browser JavaScript or Angular. The high speed development solutions offered by Loopback.js can strongly appeal to a wider base of users.
Sails.js is a dynamic and powerful node.js framework that can be used for achieving MVC web development results in a real time situation. The framework has been created on Express and its MVC architecture is similar to those that are found on Ruby on Rails and other similar frameworks. It can also offer complete support for the data-driven working style of most modern API and web app development projects. With the help of Sails.js, it is possible to come up with an API bookstore. This high end framework also provides users with certain basic blueprints so that they do not have to write the code for their projects. It is also perfectly compatible with most of the frontend technologies such as Angular, React, Android/Java and Windows Phone just to name a few.
These are some of the frameworks that can offer stellar performance for Node.js web and mobile application development.

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