Why Tailored PSD to HTML Conversion is Superior to Bootstrap

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  • 19-11-2018
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PSD to HTML is a conversion process in the web development work flow which seems to be neglected by many people. From the day World Wide Web was discovered this age-old approach had dominated the website development process. With the change in the user experience and the creation of themes and the various frameworks specifically the enterprise level websites have changed the entire development process and the developers prefer taking the more natural way of dealing with it.
So, how PSD to HTML conversion enables actions, how does it benefit and how does it impact the future, let us have a look.
How PSD to HTML Enables Multiple Actions?
PSD to HTML is a process of converting PSD, i.e. a Photoshop document file and web design sketches into HTML, i.e. Hypertext Markup Language that works flawlessly on both mobile and desktop browsers.
The usual design process is like web designers draw websites which are called as a mock-up or wire frame either in Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD, etc. and from here the web developers’ task starts.
The web developers use these PSD files to Convert PSD to HTML and start coding the HTML5 and CSS3 putting life to those static looking PSD files. This means they add various features to the websites and enable multiple actions a user will perform on the website this may include navigating from one page to another, buttons, links, responsive design and different features.
Why bringing life to your website with the latest versions is important
Post the coding is done by the front-end developers the entire design undergoes through a QA testing phase where the entire workability of the website is tested on a test server and once everything goes well it can be launched on the live server. This totally depends on the size and complexity of the project which means this entire process might take a month and, in some case, even a year or two.
The beauty of manual coding is that the programme has a chance to experiment on adding various components on the website to make it look more appealing and interactive. In the current scenario, many critics do not agree to this work flow, however, we strongly believe that human coding is the best process to eliminate any errors and if at all there are errors those can be easily identifies and rectified immediately,
Why tailored PSD to HTML Services is the preference over Bootstrap being involved?
Though this process might sound a bit traditional, it is the best work flow and one of the most popular ways of creating websites from scratch using PSD to HTML Services. We have listed down a few reasons why customized PSD to HTML is the best practice than involving Bootstrap or other ways to enhance websites.
- Gives you a unique design which only you have and no one else in the world
- This is totally customizable hence one gets a wide choice of features with their own code in comparison to the ready to use themes which cannot be customized
- This is ideal for smaller projects as conversion of PSD to HTML becomes a lot faster with the development of themes hence makes the development of complex structures easier
- Today, when more than 65% of websites are been operated without having a CMS, makes PSD to HTML conversion a preferred choice to customize the website
- This is not everyone’s cup of tea and it can be done only by skilled front-end developers, unlike theme developers who have limited knowledge about the subject and manual coding
- Customized coding is the best investment that you make for a longer run
- Your website can be operated from through any device be it a tablet, laptop, smartphones, smartwatch, etc. as it will be responsive and fits screen with any size
- Tailor-made websites are compatible with all modern web browsers including Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge
- Assured website security as there is limited to none possibility of anyone breaking through your website and steal valuable information
Benefits of Opting for Tailored Ways of PSD to HTML Conversions better than with Bootstrap

- Superior Search Engine Visibility
The major aim of the website owner is to get in touch with the worldwide audience. And for this, your site should be detectable to search engine bots. By tailored ways of converting your site from PSD to HTML, you can, without doubt, attract a high-quality amount of website traffic. The HTML codes can be straightforwardly read by the search engine crawlers and even accurately indexes your web portal.
- Precise SEO Structure
The most excellent way to optimize a website’s search engine rankings is by deploying competent SEO techniques. A website should be supple enough to allow enclosure of applicable keywords into the content. Make sure you do away with all the bugs and lags which will swiftly steer the SEO rankings of your website.
- Reliable Coding
The semantic coding in HTML has made bug ruling task rapid and issue free. Apart from that this coding also makes the placement of the diverse elements simple. Right from the slicing of PSD files to picturing them to fitting displays, HTML firmly adhere to the principles lay down by W3C.
- Enhanced UX
Users only come back to those sites which are striking and tender an extraordinary UX. To retain your clients, it is key you create an exclusive and uncomplicated to navigate website. HTML offers a specialized look to the website which boosts the website traffic and improves the sales conversion.
Should You Utilize a PSD to HTML Software Converter?
You could be appealed to use a software tool that assures to automate the PSD to HTML procedures. There are multiple sites online that provide to convert PSD to HTML in the course of automation apps. The issue with these tools is that you can’t offer a truly custom HTML/CSS code utilizing software automation, and these tools don’t for all time enable the pixel-perfect conversion that can be performed via hand-coded interactions with the required PSD file and the converted file.
Except you are experts with fixing all sorts of bugs and know how to write front-end code, conversion tools could be more problematic than its attraction.
Moving Ahead: The Future of PSD to HTML 
PSD to HTML is very much alive and has been an integral part of web designing when customization is your thing. Nowadays customers want something unique and exclusive which one else had before as the competition is tough. Hence, having a one-of-a-kind website is a long-term investment. And depending on the complexity of the project the cost might differ and also the time duration of the project completion.
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