Top 10+ Windows App Development Companies in Durban | Windows App Developers Durban 2024

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windows development companies in durban

The List of Top 10+ Windows App Development Companies in Durban | Top Windows App Developers Durban 2024

hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem provides the best web and mobile app development solutions to clients. Being educated, skillful and experienced is as important as being directed, designed and simple. It is the proactive interaction of various aspects and parts that include, for etching the much-needed stamp of difference. They produce creative designs, smooth effects, fully responsive websites for all the mobile resolutions. They always passionate about what they do.

They listen, learn and then present. They have masters in each and every field where they work on. They have many skills & methods that have lead to their success. Their goal is to develop the best value for their customers.

Services Line:

AI Development AR App Development Internet of Things Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Unity 3D Game Development Wearable App Development Web Design Web Development

lucid ocean

Whether its payments with bitcoin, anchoring on a blockchain or integrating your application with blockchain technologies, Lucid Ocean can help you get there. They understand that launching a strong market requires much more than just product development and market-fit. They strive for the highest quality within budget and always compete on value over cost.

Services Line:

Blockchain Development Custom Software Development Private Blockchains Supply Chain Blockchain Web Design Web Development
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yellowtail software

Yellowtail Software is a leading mobile app development company. The assembly lines into large organizations by deploying solutions offered by the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Their customers are among the first to make and monetize application-driven competitive advantages with Cloud Foundry. They provide exemplary software solutions for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations.

Services Line:

Blockchain Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design

netgen software

Netgen is a leading mobile app development company. A large demand in the industry endures for custom developed software at reduced rates. They provide superior service levels, high-quality standards and tailor-made solutions in key fields of information technology. They will put their passion for good design to work and based on approved wireframes that design all screens.

Services Line:

Custom Software Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

black snow digital

It is established in 2009, Their businesses achieve business online success through creating engaging digital marketing campaigns over a huge range of industries. They use the digital world to develop long-lasting platforms for brands to showcase their different personality and reach their desired target market. They offer highly specialized services in a different atmosphere and style.

Services Line:

Digital Strategy Internet Marketing Mobile App Development SEO Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

imobdev technologies pvt ltd

iMOBDEV Technologies spreads their roots around the world to form the best mobile app development company like in the USA. They always wonder clients by reaching the target with a precise timeline and deliver an enormous program. It also said that clients have tremendous satisfaction with our services in concern to mobile and web applications as assumed by them.

Services Line:

Android App Development AR App Development iOS App Development UI-UX Design VR App Development Web Design Web Development

appalachion solutions

They have a very good knowledge of the mobile technology space. They work to the highest standards and have an eye for detail. Their biggest strengths are taking projects from conception to launch, and keeping them well prepared. Their solutions cover business & personal potency ranging from small one on one apps to large enterprise solutions. To be powerful in the industries they provide with best-of-class mobile software solutions during pleasing their customers and developing a solid, stable atmosphere for their employees.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design


SearchMedia is a leading team is at the forefront of pioneering results-driven business solutions. They expect your business or project, research your competitors, organize ways to reach new demographics or contract with existing. They listen attentively to your ideas and goals and present on them. They come up with even more different ideas so you don't have to. We are more than just experienced marketers, designers and developers.

Services Line:

Advertising, Media Branding Internet Marketing Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


They seek to infuse innovation capabilities that enable and enhance customer experience for their clients in a cost-effective way. OpenFactor provides a cost-effective, value-for-investment software development services designed to help businesses jump-start their innovation drives. They believe people to be the greatest value and teal organization being the way to work.

Services Line:

Blockchain Development Enterprise App Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design


With their team of creative designers and geeky developers, they specialize in custom web development projects that connect interactive web design with smart technology. They take the time and try to get your company and tell its story by the most effective means possible. They pride themselves exceeding the limits and put every effort into their designs and developments - they never do a half job!

Services Line:

Internet Marketing Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


BBD is South Africa’s leading custom software development company which follows a consultative driven way to provide end-to-end expertise in bespoke mobility solutions. They pride us on the basis that they have a broad span of technology experts under the same roof. They deliver trust, ethics, and confidentiality to their clients.They develop, promote and execute software solutions & services that reduce both their clients’ environmental footprints and their own.

Services Line:

Custom Software Development Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Development

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