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Designing and development are the steps that are important. PHP Programming the Languages mostly commonly used for website and web application development. PHP is a general purpose, server-side scripting language run a web server that's designed to make dynamic pages and applications. PHP frames works are ruling the new business world and most of the business owners are confused to select the best PHP development agencies for their business profile development.

There are numerous PHP development companies in South Africa and all these companies are doing the same demanded tasks. A perfect PHP development company should be successful in assisting clients to boost their product information, maintain communication with prospective clients, produce leads for the business, and enhance the status of a company via the website, leading to selling of products or services. Here, we have made a list of top 10 PHP development companies in South Africa.

The List of Top 10+ PHP Development Companies in South Africa | Top PHP Developers South Africa 2019

hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem specialize in executing custom web development projects with full accuracy & perfectly matching to your business requirements. Their team is adept at using cutting-edge technologies to customize everything from the look & feel of front-end to expert back-end programming that results in a highly dynamic, fully functional & interactive web solution. Their team of enterprises & system analysts define, develop, configure and maintain web-based systems. Their company helps clients to reach your website for results or services apart from developing an active design. They know the value of every short study of work and consider it with the quality & deadline.

Services Line:

.NET Development AngularJS Development CMS Development Drupal E-Commerce Mobile App Development Node.js Development PHP Development VR App Development Web Design Web Development WordPress Development


Codeswop helps startups, agencies, and companies to design and develop amazing mobile apps and web applications. They pride themselves in applying production processes recognized as best practice. This translates to transparent and cost-effective production. Their production code is well organized, commented and readable. They offer unbeatable rates to the agency clients that work with us on a regular basis.

Services Line:

Custom Software Development E-Commerce PHP Development UI/UX Design Web Design Web Development


Lightstack is a software development house who specializes in real-time, integrated web and mobile solutions. They create high-quality interfaces to very complex applications, like derivative administration and risk management platforms, market research and trading platforms, or automatic form generation interfaces. It is a good PHP development company.

Services Line:

PHP Development Custom Software Development UI/UX Design Web Design Web Development

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skyrocket digital

A digital branding company offering global services in branding, web app development, UX, e-commerce, digital strategy & social marketing. They design, build and craft products that provide value and improve the lives of the people they touch. They work in an iterative and powerfully integrated fashion to continually evolve and deliver value. They explore your business and embrace brand design to drive growth.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development PHP Development UI/UX Design Web Design Web Development

exousia consultants

Exousia Consultants was started in the fall of 2006 and has been going from strength to strength since its inception. Powered by the Jordaan brothers it has grown into a multi-faceted business with a keen interest in the technology sector. The wide area of expertise in the technology arena has caused the business to have a wide range of clients, like national magazines, prepaid vendors and mines.

Services Line:

Custom Software Development Mobile App Development PHP Development Web Design Web Development


They team up with you to develop the best web and mobile applications for your business. They create high-quality mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. If you have an idea for a great app or need help creating better software solutions for your business, they are keen to chat about it. They basically gather in developing a long-term strategic relationship with their clients by beating expectations and a great level of clarity.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development PHP Development Web Design Web Development

flow communications

Flow Communications is an award-winning independent agency that gives integrated communications solutions to their clients - from developing your websites and apps to creating high-quality content, to design, social media strategy and maintenance and public relations. They deliver highly effective, integrated campaigns that align sales and marketing, increase revenue and maximize efficiency for businesses with multi-touch sales cycles.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development PHP Development Web Design Web Development

kagiso interactive

Kagiso Interactive is a leading, Durban based, web and mobile applications development agency. They believe in providing forward-thinking creative solutions that yield exceptional results. With a solid approach to planning, realistic implementation and value, they deliver customized, results-driven programs to achieve their clients’ specific marketing goals.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development PHP Development Web Design Web Development


At GrapeMunch they design and develop websites with a long-term goal to transform into a software development company. Right now – they provide their innovative and creative skills to design websites. Their websites are created with professionalism and designs are personalized to adapt to your companies requirements.

Services Line:

PHP Development Web Design Web Development


They create cutting-edge designs, websites, & web applications for companies & individuals who love the limelight. In an increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is imperative. They build intuitive sites that connect you with your customers. They put in the work behind the scenes to make your product look great, work fast, and delight your customers.

Services Line:

PHP Development UI/UX Design Web Design Web Development

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