10 Must-Have Travel Apps For The Holidays

  • By Steven Page
  • 05-10-2018
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Do you have a vacation coming up? 
If so, you can use some apps to organize everything, starting from the planning to the journey and stay.
Web Apps have come to revolutionize the way we travel, a far cry from the multiple trips to travel agents, hotels, and the time cost associated with having to book everything manually. 
These apps can find a way when you're lost, recommend the best places to visit, and book your travel to get there - all with the tap of the screen.
You can even book a chartered flight in a matter of seconds! So, check them out.
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1. Airbnb
This is the one-stop destination for finding a place to stay, worldwide. You can book rooms, apartments, houses, or even villas according to your need. The cost difference between booking hotel rooms and Airbnb is immense!
It also comes with curated features called Experiences, wherein you can interact with local guides to explore your area.
2. Hopper
If you’re keen on getting the best possible price for a plane ticket, you need to download Hopper. You can browse the cheapest dates to travel - however, Hopper’s USP lies in telling you when to buy your tickets using push notifications. It claims to offer savings of up to 40 percent!
3. Kayak
If you’re looking for a single app to plan your entire travel on, look no further. Kayak searches across various travel sites for hotels, flights and rental cars. You can set price alerts for various parts of the journey. You can use Price Forecast to decide which is the best time to buy a ticket.
Kayak can also work like a trip planner, showing you the most important details. What’s more, it also syncs with your Apple Watch!
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4. FlyVictor
This app was known as the “Uber of private jets” for a while. It allows you to book from a collection of over seven thousand private jets. From small getaways to large corporate bookings, this app allows you to book at reasonable rates by eliminating middlemen and connecting you directly to the operator.
Interested in learning more about booking private jets in general? Check out Private Jet Rental: The Ultimate Guide for Travelers.
5. Uber 
Uber works in most cities one can think of, and allows you to share a cab if you’re alone, or book a larger cab, right where you want it. The cost differences between Uber and local hired cabs can be huge per mile, which makes Uber a must-have.
6. PackPoint
PackPoint is your travel companion. It decides what are the best things to pack relevant to the weather for the dates and location of your trip.
It will also ask you to about the nature and details of your trip (business meeting, weekend getaway, etc), and will then offer up a list of items you should pack based on these activities.
It also tells you items you’d generally need on any trip. What’s more, you can share these lists with friends!
7. Yelp
The review directory of the world. It offers a number of reviews unparalleled by any other resource, and also lets you know the hours of operation, as well as phone numbers and locations, and even menus sometimes. This is the best way to prepare for travel.
8. Google Translate
Stuck finding your way through a country whose language is unknown? Google Translate bridges the gap by allowing for verbal translation (speech), as well as image based text translation besides regular textual translation to help you navigate through anywhere you find yourself.
9. Google Maps
Available on almost every platform one can think of, it is the most comprehensive GPS app on the market. Shops, ATMs, bus and metro stations - you name it, they have it. Turn-by-turn navigation lets you move around effortlessly, making sure you avoid traffic and get to places faster.
10. Circa 
Dealing with time zones can be difficult. Circa shows the current timezone based on location, as well as the timezone of your destination. When you wish to talk back home, it also tells you the time when both parties should be awake.
There are many more travel apps out there, but these guarantee you will have the experience of a lifetime.

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