7 Best Food Delivery Apps Of 2020 And Their USPs

  • By Regina Deemer
  • 14-07-2020
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Everyone wants to know the secret to success and learn the tricks to become a successful entrepreneur overnight. With start-ups making a lot of profit, the Millennials are looking for quick and lucrative business ideas to cater to the growing user needs. The food delivery business is booming and offers a plethora of opportunities for the future growing start-ups.

To help you further identify and follow your business goals and create a steady clientele for your food delivery app, we provide a list of 7 Best Food Delivery Apps of 2020 and their USPs.

1. Seamless


Seamless provides endless menus from numerous partner restaurants to offer customers a wide range of options. This established food delivery app is preferred as they ensure superior service quality and a "seamless" customer experience. The unique features of this fastest-growing app are:

•    Allows pre-ordering the next meal in advance
•    Re-ordering of favorite meals
•    Customer reviews and ratings on Restaurants
•    eGift cards and coupons on special occasions
•    No delivery charges
•    Various payment options
•    Additional Coupons, Promos, etc.
•    24x7 Support Service for ordering

2. UberEats


After becoming the market leader in the on-demand taxi app business, Uber targeted to earn the tag of the best food delivery app. With reaping benefits, UberEats has a strong market base in around 300 cities, mainly because of its USPs:

•    Displays menus of restaurants located nearby
•    Automatically shows the daily menu
•    Real-time order tracking
•    Order Scheduling
•    Attractive deals and offers
•    Push notification
•    Flexible payment options

3. DoorDash


DoorDash was founded as an on-demand logistic start-up by a group of students from Stanford University. The stand-out feature of this successful app is that it follows a "Delight Score" model, which combines various scores like the food quality, speed of delivery, and the popularity of the restaurant. DoorDash offers a wide variety of cuisines like Korean, Mexican, Italian, Brazilian, European, etc. unlike its other competitors. The top features of this food delivery app are as follows:

•    The "Delight Score" model
•    Multi-cuisine restaurants
•    Quick Delivery time
•    No minimum ordering criteria
•    Real-time order tracking
•    Flexible payment options

4. GrubHub


GrubHub is undoubtedly one of the best food delivery companies and has partnered with more than 40,000 restaurants across thousands of cities. This app's uniqueness is the "filter feature" that helps to sort out the results according to your queries and help identify the restaurants near your current location. The app also stores all the delivery addresses so that the users need not enter the info repeatedly. To simplify and quicken your ordering, GrubHub saves your previous orders as well. The USPs of this top Food delivery app are:

•    Filter feature
•    Pre-ordering
•    Saving previous orders
•    Storing multiple delivery addresses
•    24x7 Delivery options
•    Customer reviews and ratings
•    Great discounts and deals
5. Postmates


Postmate recently tied up with the retail store giant- Walmart, making it probably the largest grocery delivery company in the USA, and offers more than just delivering food from the app. Some additional fee is added for delivery, but what makes this app unique is that it provides alcohol delivery at your home. The features of this app are:

•    Delivers grocery, alcohol, or anything
•    Nominal delivery charges
•    Real-time tracking
•    Quick Deliveries
6. GoPuff


GoPuff allows quick ordering and prompt delivery services. One can order anything from snacks, groceries, alcohol, everyday essentials, stationery, and medicines. They offer services to various cities in the US. The unique features of this app are:

•    Quick delivery services
•    Snacks and grocery delivered
•    Product Catalogue
•    Easy Payment Gateways
7. Deliveroo


This UK-based food ordering app has built a strong customer base over the last 6 years, serving almost all kinds of foods from Sushi to Pizza, in a short time. This app is a popular food delivery app in France, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Ireland, Dubai, Germany, UK, etc. The defining features of this app are:

•    Sharing code for offers with friends
•    Customized services for corporate events
•    Strong market reputation
•    Fruits and snacks deliveries
So, this is our take on the 7 Best Food Delivery Apps of 2020, which will surely help launch your business platform successfully and help you become a market leader like the other trending apps.

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