Elearning Mobile Apps Help to Enhance a Successful Educational Business

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  • 09-07-2020
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The global eLearning market is predicted to exceed $243 billion by 2022, meaning that this field has immense potential for business development. Mobile devices make our lives easier, and an increasing number of people use their smartphones and tablets to access different content on the internet, to shop, or even stream movies and TV shows. Browsing through Google Play or Apple’s App Store shows a wide variety of mobile apps for different purposes, and eLearning is no exception.

Convenient and useful, eLearning apps can be of great help when it comes to enhancing a successful educational business.

Why It’s Important to Leverage an eLearning Mobile App in Education. Having a website is a must, but a mobile app is even better. There are many benefits to having an eLearning app for your educational business, so here’s the list of the most important ones.

1. It’s more innovative and entertaining
Modern teaching heavily relies on engaging students. Back in the day, a teacher-centered approach was dominant, while now the emphasis is put on including students in the process more actively.
In order to achieve this goal, education has to be innovative, fun, and entertaining. eLearning apps introduced the much-needed fun and games into the once stuffy and somewhat rigid world of teaching and learning.

eLearning apps allow students to leave behind traditional learning tools such as textbooks and whiteboards. Now they can watch videos, tutorials, and practical examples, as well as play games and simultaneously learn new things.

2. It allows for anytime-anywhere learning  
With an eLearning mobile app, your students will have an opportunity to learn whenever it fits them and at their own pace. In other words, this way your school or institute will be available 24/7, and your students won’t have to worry about conflicting schedules or missed classes – they can have all the resources and learning materials at their fingertips. 

3. It provides assistance with assignments  
When a student comes across a problem they can’t solve, they can easily reach out to their teacher and tutor via the mobile app and ask them for assistance. Besides that, the app itself will streamline the process of completing and submitting assignments, which will save both teachers and students a lot of time.

Essential Features of an eLearning App
Before hiring developers who will build you an eLearning app, you should do your research and understand your target audience. This will allow you to offer them a product that will fit their needs and interests.
But, there are some fundamental features and elements that every successful eLearning app should have.

1. Personalized experience
It’s only logical that you want your students to use your eLearning mobile app frequently. However, stats say that in 2018, 21% of mobile apps were accessed only once after being downloaded.
To improve your odds of success, your app should offer a personalized user experience. In this case, this means including personalized mock tests, corrections, feedback, and custom learning. If your students get the answers to their queries instantly and if they can resolve their issues without any friction, they’ll be happy with your app.

AI-powered conversational chatbots are used in a number of industries including insurance, finance, and eCommerce. They can be of great help in this case as they’re capable of onboarding app users and helping them to make the most of your eLearning resources and programs.

2. Offline mode
While a stable and fast internet connection has become increasingly accessible to people in many countries, you shouldn’t assume that all your students enjoy the benefits of this technological advancement.
That’s why an offline mode is a must. Make sure that your app allows downloading modules and accessing them when an internet connection isn’t available. This way, you’ll keep your students engaged and willing to use your app.

3. Live sessions
Interactivity is one of the most significant additions to online learning. By providing live sessions and tutorials through your eLearning app, you’ll allow your students to have a face-to-face interaction with their teachers and tutors. This approach is significant as it combines different learning methods, including discussions, student presentations, and group work. In a nutshell, live sessions foster active online classroom participation.

4. Video-based content  
We live in a hectic age, and your students have packed schedules, which means that they can’t always find enough time to consume text-based content. By leveraging video-based content, you’ll make it easier for your students to access and watch or listen to modules while they’re commuting to work, for example. Besides, video comes with practical features - viewers can also zoom into an image or fast-forward certain sections.

Finally, video is much more interesting and engaging than any other type of content. Building an eLearning app can help you grow your educational business and ensure that your students can make the most of your programs and resources.

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