Why Your Website Design Should Be Interactive

  • By Anastasia Stefanuk
  • 24-10-2018
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We are living in a tech-savvy world whereby, entrepreneurs have to stay on top of their game for their businesses to survive in the game. And one best way to stay ahead of your competitors is not only having but also constantly promoting and improving your business website. It is also one of the best strategies for building a loyal customer base and a tribe of ardent online followers.
In this article, we are going to give you an overview of how to build a website with an interactive design and why it’s important.
What is a Responsive Website Design?
A responsive website design is much more usual browsing, viewing, and colorful user interface. It’s the interaction medium within which the users access your content which then allows them to access personalized user experience. By so doing, the users provide most of the content through interactivity consequently leading to increased traffic and user engagement.
Two decades ago, web developers leveraged on Flash to build dynamic websites with multiple interactive elements. Obviously, those days no longer exist, but that does not rule out the possibility of having interactive website features that attract the target audience.
Factors to Consider when Building a Website
Before embarking on web development, there are a few factors you need to dig into. First of all, you would need to decide which hiring model fits your needs the most. Below you can find the top 3 popular types of hires. Each has its own benefits as well as limitations.
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Another key point to keep in mind before you even start working on design is the purpose your website is going to serve. This is because it gives you an idea of the features that your developer needs to incorporate to come up with an engaging design.
Target Audience
The design of your website must be able to make sense of your target audience and align their behavioral psychology with your product or service.
Users’ Feedback
If you are looking for improved interaction with your customers, then you should provide a platform for these engagements. This may come in form of chats, emails, or social media links on your websites.
The Cost of Building and Running the Website
Given the persistent tech talent shortage, building a business website can potentially drain your resources. For instance, the average web developer salary in the US is $72,188 per year which is pretty much out of reach for many businesses.
If you are wondering how to hire a developer without spending a fortune, you can choose to outsource. Key among the benefits of outsourcing are low website building costs and working with experienced developers.
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SEO Friendly Design
One of the best ways to increase site authority is through search engine optimization. The ranking factor allows your customers to easily find your website on Google. It also plays an important part during your marketing and all this can only be possible through an SEO friendly design.
Benefits of Interactive Website Design
According to a report by Statista, it’s estimated that more than 2.14 billion people will be shopping online by the year 2021. Going by this number, whether you’re a local shop, an e-commerce store or big tech company, digital presence should be a priority. Let’s explore the benefits your business gets by having an interactive website design.
Meaningful Connection with Customers
When most customers hear or learn about your business for the first time, they expect you to have a website where they can access your interactive self-service components. The lack of it could mean missing out on opportunities to expand your relationships with your customers.
Helps Build Trust
A key component of earning trust from your customers and users is learning human psychology. By this, you can give your customer small rewards in forms of coupons to compel them to invest more of their time in your brand. Each time they feel rewarded, they will come back.
Unfortunately, an ordinary business website won't allow you to do all that. For this reason, you should source for the best website design ideas before hiring a UX designer or even a UI developer.
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Increase Conversion Rates
An interactive web design helps build trust and interest hence improve the average website conversion rate without asking for too much right off the bat.
increase conversion rates
Improve Personalization
The good thing about interactions is that they can be quantified. An interactive website gives you an insight into what your customers are clicking on and the problems they are facing.
Consequently, you can use this data to customize their experience which will ultimately increase conversion rates. Customization also allows you to increase engagement and revenues without having to get involved on a day-to-day basis with each individual customer.
Parting Thoughts
Developing an interactive website shouldn’t be rocket science. It entails simple tweaks such as enhancing individual visitors’ experience or even optimizing it to be mobile friendly. In a bid to improve personalization, MapsTD and Solace are great Interactive design examples that have clearly embraced the concept user experience testing before deploying their website.
Web Design Outsourcing Trends
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